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  • Plotting question

    When plotting in Autocad 2008, what's the best method to set up
    proper line weights? I am doing mechanical drawing, and would like to set up a plot definition file so that once I have it set up to suit my needs, it doesn't have to be redone for each drawing file.


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    I use plot styles and select the style for what I'm plotting (monochrome, color, etc.). I have a thin style for when printing large D or E size drawings scaled down to B.


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      How to save plot styles

      I know these are basic question, but this is what I have been struggling with.
      How do you go about saving the plot styles?

      What is the file type for plot styles once they are saved?

      I think if I know the file type I can search for the file and direct Autocad to the plot style file if it doesn't find it automatically, when I open a different drawing.


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        Plot styles have a .ctb extension. Open the PLOT window and look up in the upper right hand corner. If you don't see it click on the > image down in the lower right corner of the plot window. This will expand the window and give you the PLOT STYLE options. Use or copy one of the default ones or start from scratch.

        Also, do a youtube search. Might find a free video explaining it also.
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