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Command entry to switch viewports in Model Space?

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  • Command entry to switch viewports in Model Space?

    Hi all,
    I was wondering if there is a command entry that I can use in a macro to change the active viewport in Model Space. I draw with two viewports in model space, one showing plan view and one showing isometric view, and I want to create macros that can do various things in both viewports.
    I could not find anything on the subject, so I figured I would ask here. I am sure if it can be done that you fellows know how


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    I haven't worked with views/viewports in MS so I may not know of which I speak

    ..but I believe any editing you do in modelspace will affect all views, you don't need to to work in the various views. ALthough there are other actions that can be performed in views.
    lTo navigate views, from the command line (and in a macro/script):
    [view name]


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      Hi CarlAK,
      Thanks for the reply. I think I just stumbled across something as I was playing with your suggestion. It sometimes helps to perform the function you want, and then "Undo" and see what happens on the command line CVPORT allows you to change the viewport by an assigned number. I think, if my set up is somewhat similar in my various drawings, that I can use this command to switch.

      Thanks again!