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Need help with a Lisp Routine from Hell

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  • Need help with a Lisp Routine from Hell

    This is a difficult one.

    Essentially I'm creating a bill of materials in AutoCAD

    Wish list:
    I want to be able to link up Excel and AutoCAD (easy so far)
    I wanted to always link up to the Excel file that is in the same folder (still easy so far)
    The table that is in Excel I want to be in AutoCAD (still easy so far)

    Now here is where it gets hard:
    I have a Lisp Routine that has been created that can export attribute block information to excel (I need it to update the quantities in the autocad table that is linked to the Excel.)

    Essentially what I'm looking for is this:
    A Lisp Routine that will find all attributes within a certain area of coordinates. From that point it will count and sum the amount of attributes. It needs to update a pre-existing table that is placed within AutoCAD from a specified Excel doc. It also needs to update the data link to Excel.