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  • AutoCAD 3D or Inventor

    We are curintly converting from 2D to 3D and are unsure what is better for our application, AutoCAD3D or Inventor. If you were to design a system for plumbing would you use AutoCAD 3D or Inventor and why?

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    I just got a 30 day demo for Inventor 2008. Everyone says its a great product which I believe it is, but coming from Solidworks I believe SW has them beat. For 2D, of course, AutoCAD is king but for any sort of 3D, especially when it comes to parametric modeling, SW is the winner in my book.

    Without using any help screnes I spent 1 hour on trying to use Inventor. I got frustrated extremely quick. The software is not very intuitive, IMO. Doesn't mean its poor just that I believe there will be a learning curve.

    For piping I would definietly go with some form of parametric modeler. There are a few 3rd party packages that can specialize in piping (some may have already been purchased by AutoDESk or SW and considered a GOLD VENDER). Basic 2D will get old once you need to make changes, etc.

    As a side note I've used AutoCAD since version 9 (yes for DOS) and Solidworks since I think it was Solidworks 99 so I don't consider myself a noob in both.

    Ok.....Inventor users can now jump all over me!


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      Very well AutoLISP

      I am not also a nOOb. I have used AutoCAD since 1983, Inventor since 2003 and SW since 2007.

      Each one has theirs advantages. Yes, Inventor isn't so intuitive but SW isn't too.

      Ok, SW is a bit more intuitive than Inventor but this don't make it "The Better" ("la crema de la crema","The Top of Hit","The King of Mountain", and so on).

      I've used both, each one for a purpose. I don't consider one better than other.

      It's all deppends of PROFESSIONAL that uses both.

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        New thread


        I am a new user of this forum. How can i start a post regarding autolisp programming?



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          CAD Guy,
          I would definitely use Autocad. The problem is that "vanilla Autocad" has no piping specific features that are included. You could upgrade to Autocad MEP, or MEP+ to attain product specific parametric models of the fittings. Also, several manufacturers of fittings provide 3D blocks at no cost on their websites. This can be very cumbersome to draw, as you have to copy or insert all of the different types of fittings you will use in your drawing, and then move or copy them to each point that you need them. For this reason, it is better to go with a 3rd party piping software. They are EXPENSIVE, though.
          Hope this helps.