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Convert .dwg to .lsp (also .dxf to .lsp)

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  • Convert .dwg to .lsp (also .dxf to .lsp)

    Yes it's finally here!

    Draw 'T Lisp programming service.
    Convert AutoCAD drawings into Autolisp code (.dwg or .dxf into .lsp).

    The Draw 'T Lisp process, produces an Autolisp program directly from your drawing saving up to 99% of the labor to create the code!

    Your layers, colors, linetypes, text-styles, dimension-styles all are part of the autolisp code that is created from your drawing, (it's YOUR DRAWING converted into an Autolisp program)!
    It's a great way to create your programming, while saving time & money!
    This process reduces the overall programming time, and lets you concentrate on finishing your program, instead of wasting your time writing all the basic stuff!

    See for further info. and video samples of all the different options.

    Priced from $5 for simple conversions, to $20 for complex conversions (using option-#1).

    All the varibles are captured and placed at the start of the .lsp program.
    These varibles can be changed at runtime to produce a custom drawing each time it's run.
    Link the varibles together (varibles that changes other varibles... called parametrics), and you have a fully customized program.

    With 5 programming options to choose from, you can quickly create your Autolisp code from almost any AutoCAD drawing (.dwg).

    Options of Draw 'T Lisp service:
    1) Auto-Convert (Unstructured Software Auto-Conversion of .DWG to .LSP): Good quality
    2) Hand-Convert (Structured Software Auto-Conversion of .DWG to .LSP): Better quality
    3) Auto-Convert (Unstructured Software Auto-Conversion .DXF to .LSP): Good quality
    4) Hand-Conversion (Structured Hand-Picked Entity Conversion .DWG to .LSP): Best quality
    5) Hand-Written (Structured Hand-Written Entity Conversion .DWG to .LSP): Very best quality

    Fast, quick and easy!
    The DansMark way!

    Investment opportunities also availible.

    For more information contact:

    Dan Flemming
    DansMark Software Solutions