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Hello from an older version of AutoCad user

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  • Hello from an older version of AutoCad user

    Hi Everyone,

    Glad to have found this forum and what's all this about an "older" version of AutoCad?

    Don't laugh but my current use version is AutoCad 386 Version 10 from way back to 1990.

    Yep, the version I use is 18 years old (DOS with the C:> prompt.

    How is that for dating me?

    I love it and would keep it forever but support for equipment is finally running out.

    I am a free lance fire sprinkler systems designer.

    Started out on a drafting table until 1989 when I went shopping for an add on to AutoCad in the hopes of increasing productivity.

    Shopped around a lot looking at half a dozen "add ons" finally settling on one that I thought did the best job. Spent $18,000 on a new desktop (a mean machine sporting an 80 mb hard drive which was huge in its day) and AutoCad. Spent an additional $3,000 for the add on program so it cost me $21,000 all told.

    Everything worked great, AutoCad 11 and 12 came along but I saw no reason to update.

    After AutoCad 12 came out the developer of the add on program died and support died with him.

    After spending all that money, took out a loan that took me 4 years to pay off like a car, I had something that worked and didn't feel I needed to upgrade right way figuring I would make what I had work for 3 or 4 years.

    3 or 4 years turned into 18. Time goes by fast when you're having fun.

    So I've been looking around, would have to purchase AutoCad again and spend anywhere from $8,000 and up for an add on library. I'll call it library because I don't know what else to call it.

    Have looked and to tell the truth what I've had for 18 years is still better then the new stuff I've looked at costing a whole lot of money.

    Why spend a lot of money on something when what I have is better?

    Cutting to the chase I want to port what I have over to AutoCad LT.

    I don't know anything about LISP programming or AutoCad LT but I figure I can learn.

    Giving myself a deadline of two years.